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Here’s what I played on this week’s Midnight Campfire. There’s been some technical glitches, so you may have heard the first half of this the previous week but I’m calling this week’s broadcast the full show. Listen again at Juice and I’ll put up the TotallyRadio archive link when it’s ready. Here’s the playlist… read more

From Words
posted on June 22nd, 2016

For what it’s worth I’m reluctantly voting Remain. read more

From Words
posted on June 11th, 2016

By any normal (first world) measure, I’ve had a rough couple of days on the road. Nothing disastrous but a pile of small things going wrong, with outcomes leaving me somewhere between mildly inconvenienced and quite vulnerable… read more

Here’s the playlist for Midnight Campfire #90, first broadcast on Brighton’s Juice 107.2, Wed 8 June 2016. The first hour is all new tracks, then the second hour focuses on the music of English folk’s master fiddler Dave Swarbrick, who sadly died recently. RIP Swarb. Here’s the TotallyRadio archive link and here’s what I played… read more

Here’s the track listing for Midnight Campfire #89, first broadcast on Juice 107.2 Wed 1 June 2016. Listen to the online archive at TotallyRadio. I hugely enjoyed this one, so that’s two-in-a-row without a theme that have still be very fun. Here’s what I played… read more

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