The genius that is Chris T–T.
Huw Stephens – BBC Radio 1

Chris T–T is a man that we can trust with our lives. If he was standing for Mayor of London, I’d vote for him.
Steve Lamacq – BBC Radio 2

That was just brilliant.
Clive James – BBC Radio 3

Heartbreaking. Chris T–T can draw the poison and heal the wounds, simply by singing from his heart. It’s evocative, elegant and funny. How often can you say that about a record these days?
Brad Barrett – Artrocker

Chris has inspired me, made me laugh and given me pause for thought ever since ‘Eminem Is Gay’ landed on my desk back in 2003. London Is Sinking is darkly brilliant, while 9 Red Songs is rough, ready and compelling
Tom Robinson – BBC 6Music

The genius of Chris T-T’s songwriting is his ability to humanise even the most outlandish conceits, until they seem instead like brilliant ideas nobody else would’ve come up with.
The Guardian

Outstanding. The finest (and maddest) British pop album of the year.
Dan Cairns – The Sunday Times

The joy of Flaming Lips and the humanity of Ray Davies. A heartening, hopeful, sad record.
Time Out London

Darkness looms beneath the humour as the songs return to themes of social and mental breakdown. Inventive, widescreen arrangements encompassing cello, synths and delicately picked guitars. A seductive, highly contemporary brand of 21st century English psychedelia.
Neil McCormick – The Telegraph

Soapbox preachers such as Frank Turner and Jon McClure might seem to be saturating the protest song market, but Chris T–T has something extra to offer. When he’s not championing the cause of social justice in familiar fashion, he’s exploring relationship dynamics with warmth and intelligence (see: ‘Love Is Not Rescue’, ‘Tall Woman’). Still, it’s when Chris goes back to his ranty roots that he’s most inspiring. ‘Elephant In The Room’ is a case in point, with its stirring rallying cry: I remembered the previous centuries/Before the word freedom replaced just being free/A sleight of hand to steal our democracy/We can still win. Fighting talk, just when we most need it.
Ash Dosanjh – NME

Very, very brilliant.
Rolling Stone

There’s no pomp about Chris T–T’s sound. Its modesty would undermine his talent if it weren’t for the brilliance of his lyrics and the subtle quality of his music. Folk has almost become a dirty word but Chris writes songs that affirm its relevance – he has the ability to touch one’s soul. Chris T–T is a folk singer and he’s brilliant. If you write him off, your life won’t be better for it.
Tim Newbound – Rocksound

Genuine hairs on the back of the neck stuff. An incredible voice, heartbreaking, soaring and compelling all in one. ‘Nintendo’ was both a surprise and a joy to listen to, Chris T–T pulls something special out of the bag and brings it all to the table. Stunning from start to finish.

There is something so awe-inspiring about Chris’s words that they leave me in little doubt that they’re written by someone of real significance.
Stool Pigeon

One of the most consistently fascinating artists of the past decade. The album challenges through intimacy. Starkly majestic, the title track is sung with a simplicity and truth that would put the likes of Radiohead to shame. This is the stuff of a rare and enduring talent.
Morning Star

A powerful enough performance to silence a rammed Acoustic Tent into flabbergasted awe. Too many protest singers, not enough protest songs, luckily we found the best one. And cor, this guy can sing! Fantastic. He goes off to rapturous applause.
Drowned In Sound (live review)

Melody and production values recall the intimate nocturnes of the Smashing Pumpkins’ Adore, but with a theatrical flair worthy of Decemberists’ Colin Meloy.
Drowned In Sound (album review)

Chris T-T’s an idiot!
Jack Osbourne – Kerrang!

The resplendent piano saturated Nintendo EP is a wonderful prologue to Chris T–T’s excellent new album Love Is Not Rescue. Lyrically ‘Nintendo’ charts a relationship on the ebb and holistically creates a superb contradictory mix of poignancy and self deprecation, with a knowingness and great wry humour; for managing to make ‘Nintendo Wii’ both a moving and funny lyric alone, T–T should be lauded.
Guy Sangster Adams – The Cultural Pick

The keyboard/organ–heavy title track is one of the finest and most emotive songs you’ll hear all year.

Chris T–T is a unique talent; a renowned and revered master of songwriting and lyrical genius with a career spanning over a decade. His satirical, wry and witty portrayal of the world around him has earned him critical and underground success so far – and with ‘Love Is Not Rescue’, the rest of the world is sure to wake up to this national musical treasure.
Jack S – Altsounds

A work of rare poise and honesty. This is as slickly–executed and enjoyable a record as you’re likely to hear anywhere. With another triumph in the bag, it ought to be fascinating to see where he goes from here.
Mitch Bain – RockMidgets

Songs like ‘Nintendo’ remind you that you need to step off the highway once in a while. His b–side cover of ‘Abraham, Martin and John’ is thoroughly moving. Although it was originally written for soul legend Dick Hollar you would be mistaken for thinking that this track was made with Chris in mind.

A more refined and melodic Billy Bragg, though his visions put me more in mind of Syd Barrett… There is something happening here of which I am not entirely sure – but which is probably worth more than a second glance.
Simon Godley –

Poet–extraordinaire Chris T–T is back with this extraordinarily insightful album. Layers of beautiful piano and frank acoustic riffs topped with T–T’s clear vocals make this album a joy to listen to.
Alex Spencer – RedBrick

A deeply reflective album which nevertheless should resonate strongly with the great unwashed, particularly when it comes to the open–heart honesty of tracks such as the heartbreaking ‘Tall Woman’ from which no–one escapes unblemished. Love is Not Rescue is a remarkable album.
Steven Burnett – The Music Fix

Draws in the listener carefully and has them hanging on for every word. ‘Love Is Not Rescue’ is uplifting and showcases T–T as a skilful writer, with credible musicianship to back it up. I expect those who are fans of Frank Turner and Badly Drawn Boy will take this in helplessly.
Sean Reid – Alter The Press

Title track ‘Love Is Not Rescue’ profiles Chris’ amazing vocal talent whilst overall the excellent bare lyrics and personal delicate melodies create an album that is a joy to listen to.
Get To The Front

Chris T-T Live
Chris T-T Live
Photo credit © winolwinchester
Chris T-T Portrait
Chris T-T Portrait
Photo credit © winolwinchester
Chris T-T and The Hoodrats | Bristol
Chris T-T and The Hoodrats | Bristol
Photo credit © winolwinchester
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