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posted on April 19th, 2017

“Oil the door, man, oil the door.”

OK, scary announcement time for me.

Dear friend, I’ve decided to give up making and touring music as Chris T-T for the foreseeable future. The UK concerts I’m doing in the next few weeks will be the last T-T tour dates, which is cool because they’re 20th Anniversary ‘Best Of’ shows anyway. (tickets HERE if you haven’t got yours yet)

After that I’m booked for three summer festivals, including Cambridge Folk. Finally, if we can organise it, I’ll do one-off ‘farewell’ night in London, which will be in autumn.

Thank you so very much for continuing to support me and my music over the years, in the industry or as a music lover. You’ve been the most beautiful audience and become better friends than I ever could’ve hoped for, or imagined.

From 1st June, I’m hoping to try some new projects. I like audio editing and podcasting, so I’m developing ideas there. Maybe I’ll write a book, I don’t know. I’ll always compose and play piano – but if I return to making music publicly at any point, I feel as if I need to start from scratch and create in an entirely fresh way.

I think the Hoodrats lineup will stay together but with a new identity and not focused on me. No idea what will come of that, hopefully something good.

Anyway, thank you once again.

Please purchase the ‘Best Of’ when it’s released, or even better pre-order it today.

Have a lovely rest of your week and maybe see you at a show.
All my love,
Christopher xx



  1. Darlene Tucker
    12:43 pm on 4/19/17

    Bittersweet news. While the music will be missed, many new projects to explore. I love the podcast idea, plus we need you to continue to share your wit and wisdom in your writings. Best wishes.

  2. James
    11:18 am on 5/4/17

    Hi Chris, just wanted to stop by to say (rather cheesily) thanks for the music! Always a pleasure to put you on and hang out/chat in Norwich, and I’m sure your new projects will take you in worthwile and fruitful directions. I and many others will look forward to seeing/hearing/reading whatever it is that you do next 🙂

    off to listen to The 253 (can’t believe that time is the best part of 20 years ago…)

    Best Wishes and good luck
    James (jb)


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