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posted on December 29th, 2017



9 Green Songs
(CD/stream/download) Xtra Mile Recordings, 2016

Gill Sandell & Chris T-T – Walk Away, Walk Away
(CD/stream/download) Rowan Tree Records, 2015

Chris T-T & The Hoodrats – The Bear 
(CD/stream/download) Xtra Mile Recordings, 2013

Disobedience: Chris T-T Sings A.A. Milne 
(stream/download) Lo Fi Arts, 2011

Love Is Not Rescue
(CD/stream/download) Xtra Mile Recordings, 2010

(CD/stream/download) Xtra Mile Recordings, 2008

9 Red Songs
(CD/stream/download) Snowstorm Records, 2005

London Is Sinking
(CD/stream/download) Snowstorm Records, 2003

The 253
(12″ vinyl/CD/stream/download) Snowstorm Records, 2001

Panic Attack At Sainsbury’s
(CD/stream/download) Snowstorm Records, 2000

(CD/stream/download) Wine Cellar Records, 1999



Best Of Chris T-T
(2xCD/stream/download) Xtra Mile Recordings, 2017

All The Christmas Songs At Once
(stream/download) Lo Fi Arts, 2017

9 Red Songs: 10th Anniversary Night
(stream/download) Lo Fi Arts, 2016

Good Songs In Small Rooms: Live 2005-2011
(stream/download) Lo Fi Arts, 2012

Live Tonight: 15 Live, Acoustic & Session Versions, 1999-2004
(CD/stream/download) Wine Cellar Records, 2005



A Hole Full Of Submarines (band version) (Xtra Mile Recordings, 2017, download single)

Ballad For Southwell (CommonAs/National Trust, 2017, free CD EP)
(Songs written in residence as Creative Fellow 2016 at The Workhouse, Southwell)
Oakum, Hesitation On The Banks Of The Greet, John Fogg’s Downfall, The Beatings Of Henry StanleyThe Ballad Of Elizabeth Ulyatt, Cotton & Stone

The English Earth (Xtra Mile Recordings, 2017, download single)

Love Me, I’m A Liberal EP (Xtra Mile Recordings, 2016, download EP)
Love Me, I’m A Liberal (band version), Cutting A Longbow (Chris T-T vs. Gypo Buggane), Cupid’s Trick, Love Me, I’m A Liberal (piano version)

#WorstGovernmentEver (Xtra Mile Recordings, 2016, download single)

Chris T-T & The Hoodrats – Beaten Drum EP (Xtra Mile Recordings, 2014, download EP)
A Beaten Drum (edit), A Beaten Drum (piano version), Tunguska (improvised piano version), A Beaten Drum (album version)

Bury Me With A Scarab (Xtra Mile Recordings, 2014, download single)

The Bear (Xtra Mile Recordings, 2013, download single)

The Bear (Xtra Mile Recordings, 2013, split 7″ boxset series single b/w To Kill A King)

Binker (Lo Fi Arts, 2012, download single)

Words Fail Me EP (Xtra Mile Recordings, 2011, download EP)
Words Fail Me, Dancing On My Own, Nintendo (piano version), Words Fail Me (acoustic)

Nintendo EP (Xtra Mile Recordings, 2010, download EP)
Nintendo, Abraham Martin & John, On The Turner Grand #2, Nintendo (demo)

(We Are) The King Of England (Xtra Mile Recordings, 2008, download single)

A-Z (Xtra Mile Recordings, 2008, download single)

This Gun Is Not A Gun EP (Xtra Mile Recordings, 2007, CD/download EP)
This Gun Is Not A Gun, In The Dressing Room, This Gun Is Not A Gun (acoustic), The Day The Earth Stood Still Pt 1.

Bored Of The War / You Can’t Stop The Machine (Isota Records, 2004, 7″ singles club)

Tomorrow Morning (R*E*P*E*A*T* Records, 2004, split 7″ single b/w Cosy Cosy)

Cull (Wrath Records, 2004, split 7″ singles club b/w Stuffy & The Fuses)

Eminem Is Gay / The Headcold Bit Of The Winter (Snowstorm Records, 2003, 7″/CD single)

London Is Sinking – Disc #2 (Snowstorm Records, 2003, CD EP free with some albums)
Tendon, Open Books, Excuses, F#, Exeat (recorded for a Japanese TV show)

500 Miles EP (Snowstorm Records, 2002, CD EP)
I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles), The English Earth (Candidate remix), Decksweep (live at 12 Bar Club), Open Books (live at 12 Bar Club), 31 Pills (band version), The English Earth (album version)

English Man / What Can I Say To You? (Snowstorm Records, 2001, 7″ single)

Dreaming Of Injured Popstars / Cutler (Snowstorm Records, 2001, 7″ single)

You Can Be Flirty EP (Snowstorm Records, 2000, CD EP)
You Can Be Flirty, Tendon #3, Send In The Clowns, Sideshow Mel

You Can Be Flirty / Sideshow Mel (Snowstorm Records, 2000, 7″ single)

Duckyfuzz – The Idris Lung / Strings (Wine Cellar Records, 1997, split 7″ EP, b/w Faded)



Xtra Mile High Club Vol. 9 – At The Roundhouse (Xtra Mile Recordings, 2017, download)
Love Me, I’m A Liberal (live in XMROB1 at Camden Roundhouse)

A Brief Smile – Tribute To Elliott Smith (Funk Terry Funk, 2017, download)
Cupid’s Trick

Xtra Mile High Club Vol. 8 – To The North (Xtra Mile Recordings, 2017, download)
Love Me, I’m A Liberal

Orgreave Justice (Orgreave Justice, 2015, 2xCD/download)
If You Want To See The Minister

Xtra Mile High Club Vol. 5 – Smokin’ (Xtra Mile Recordings, 2014, download)
A Beaten Drum (piano version, live at St Paul’s Lifestyle)

From The Mourning Of The World (Dark Mountain, 2013, 12″)
A-Z (piano version)

PBH Free Fringe Benefit (Artists Against Success, 2013, download)
At The Zoo

Xtra Mile High Club Vol. 4 – Great Hangs (Xtra Mile Recordings, 2013, download)
Chris T-T & The Hoodrats – Idris Lung

It Only Works Because You’re Hibbett (Show Yr In Love, 2013, CD/download)
(compilation in tribute to MJ Hibbett)
Chris T-T with The Metropolitans – We Only Ever Meet In Church

Folk The Banks: A Benefit For Occupy (Occupation Records, 2012, 12″/CD/download)
A-Z (piano version)

Xtra Mile High Club Vol. 3 (Xtra Mile Recordings, 2011, download)
A Hole Full Of Submarines (band version)

Xtra Mile High Club Vol. 2 (Xtra Mile Recordings, 2010, download)
Elephant In The Room

Wombat Onebat Vol. 2 (Wombat Wombat, 2010, CD/download)
A Hole Full Of Submarines (band version)

Cider Smiles: 2000 Trees Festival Vol III (Hide & Seek, 2010, CD/download)
Elephant In The Room

Uncut: London Pride (Uncut, 2009, cover mounted CD)
London Aquarium

Moseley Folk Festival 2008 Anthology (Moseley FF, 2008, program CD)
This Gun Is Not A Gun (acoustic version)

Xtra Mile High Club Vol. 1 (Xtra Mile Recordings, 2008, CD/download)
A-Z, Ankles, Old MenA Box To Hide In (alternative piano/acoustic versions)

Music Of The Near Future (Vital, 2008, promo-only CD)

Fruit Machine (Blang! Records, 2005, CD)
A Hole Full Of Submarines (band version)

A Short Tale Of Beauty/Madness/Greed (Isota Records, 2004, CD)
You Can’t Stop The Machine

One Man And His Bog: 20 Years On The Toilet Tour (no label, 2004, CD with book)
(hardback book and CD celebrating long-running venue Hull Adelphi Cub)
Dreaming Of Injured Posters (live version) + short essay

Fear Of A Black Kennett (R*E*P*E*A*T* Records, 2003, CD)
7 Hearts

Truck Festival – I Am Five (Truck Records, 2003, CD)
The Tin Man (duet with Katy Bennett)

Selector Sessions (Somethin’ Else Productions / British Council, 2002, CD)
The Moment (Selector acoustic version)

Truck Festival – Major Trucking Incident (Truck Records, 2002, CD)
Drink Beer

Vet Sounds (Fierce Panda, 2001, 2x split 7″ singles /CD EP)
What If My Heart Never Heals? (demo version)

The True Meaning Of Christmas Vol. 4 (Snowstorm Records, 2000, CD)
100,000 Turkeys

Christmas ’99 EP (Snowstorm Records, 1999, CD)



Jim Bob – Jim Bob Sings Again
Sole musician (piano accompanist) throughout (The Ten Forty Sound, 2016, CD/download)

Non Canon – Non Canon
Piano on Bad Twin (Xtra Mile Recordings, 2016, 12″/CD/stream/download)

Thee Cee Cees – Solution Songs
Lead vocal throughout (Blang! Records, 2015, CD/stream/download)

Matt Creer – The Leeward Tide
Second vocal on Gaslighting (self-release, 2015, CD/stream/download)

The Retrospective Soundtrack Players – It’s A Wonderful Christmas Carol
Guest vocal on The Ghost Of Christmas Past (Xtra Mile Recordings, 2014, 12″/CD)

Gill Sandell – Light The Boats
Backing vocals on Distance (Rowan Tree Records, 2013, CD/download) 

Thirty Pounds Of Bone – I Cannot Sing You Here, But For Songs Of Where
Backing vocals on The Wolf On The Shelf (Armelldodie Records, 2013, CD/download) 

Jim Bob – What I Think About When I Think About You
Keys, guitar, backing vocals (The Ten Forty Sound, 2013, CD/download)

Dave Hughes & The Renegade Folk Punk Band – In Death Do We Part?
Piano on As You Are (self-release, 2013, CD/download)

Jim Bob – Day Job EP
Keys, guitars, backing vocals, co-production (Friday Project, 2012, CD with novel)

Amongst The Pigeons – Empties
Lyrics and vocal (Marowak Records, 2012, single release)

Frank Turner – The Second Three Years
Piano on Father’s Day, vocal on Last Christmas (both live at Union Chapel)
(Xtra Mile Recordings, 2011, 12″/CD/download)

MJ Hibbett & The Validators – Dinosaur Planet
Playing the role of ‘Grandad Truelove’ (Artists Against Success, 2011, CD/download)

Frank Turner – England Keep My Bones
Backing vocal on Rivers (Xtra Mile Recordings, 2011, 12″/CD/download)

Jim Bob – Goffam
Piano, keys, guitars, percussion, backing vocals (Ten Forty Sound, 2011, CD/download)

Tom Williams & The Boat – Too Slow
Piano on 90mph and Too Slow (Wireboat Recordings, 2011, 12″/CD/download)

She Makes War – Little Battles
Piano and backing vocals on In This Boat (self-release, 2011, 12″/CD/download)

The Automatic – This Is A Fix
Backing vocals and percussion on Steve McQueen (B-Unique/Polydor, 2008, 12″/CD/download)

Jim Bob – A Humpty Dumpty Thing
Co-production, keys, guitars, vocals (Cherry Red Records, 2007, CD/download)

Jim Bob – School
Piano, percussion, vocals (Cherry Red Records, 2006, CD/download)

Timothy Victor’s Folk Orchestra – Blood Stained Lovers
Piano, keys, backing vocals (Snowstorm Records, 2002, CD)

The Lollies – Channel Heaven single
Backing vocals and co-production (Evil World, 2001, CD)

The Lollies – Bang!Bang! Bang! Lookout! Lookout! Lookout! EP
Production (self-release, 2000, CD)

Magoo – The Soateramic Sounds Of Magoo
Bass, guitar, keys, backing vocals (Chemical Underground Records, 1996, 12″/CD)




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