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posted on December 11th, 2017

Thank you for supporting my music over the years. Those were a simply incredible final few shows for me (actually this whole year’s gigs have felt magical).


I’ve shut down the Facebook and Soundcloud pages. If we know each other in real life, feel free to ‘friend me’ on my C J Thorpe-Tracey Facebook page. I can’t shut the Youtube without deleting a load of videos, so that stays. This site will also stay up as an archive – and I’ve left the Bandcamp up, so people can purchase the last few We Can Still Win t-shirts, my old Christmas songs and various older albums. I’ve quit my Twitter feed for now – but may go back to Twitter after Christmas with a different identity.

I’ll launch new sites for new (non music) things in the coming weeks, so look out for those.

Here’s the setlist of the final gig at The Lexington, Sun 3rd Dec 2017.

SET #1 (mostly solo)
Open Books
Lines & Squares
Love Me, I’m A Liberal
Market Square
You Can Be Flirty
Ownership (with Tim Victor & Andy Murton)
Sellotape (with Tim & Andy)
Build A Bridge, Burn A Bridge (with Tim, Andy, Jen Macro & Jon Clayton)
Birds (Neil Young cover duet with Gill Sandell)
The Huntsman Comes A-Marchin’
Preaching To The Converted
M1 Song
A Garden On The Motorway
7 Hearts

SET #2 (mostly full band, with Jen, Jon, Benj Murray & Zinzi Scott)
Tomorrow Morning
Box To Hide In
A Beaten Drum (with added Gill on flute)
Paperback Kama Sutra
The Bear
Elephant In The Room
(We Are) The King Of England
Where Were You?

Words Fail Me (solo)
Giraffes #1 (band)
The English Earth (solo)

encore #2 (solo)
Drink Beer
Dreaming Of Injured Popstars

I kept it together mostly. But as the first set ended the stage was invaded by Dani from Xtra Mile and Barry (Oxygen Thief/Non Canon) who made me cry quite a lot (mainly backstage thank god). Xtra Mile gave me an epic framed plaque for my wall with all my CDs on and a gorgeous message. My labelmates and other artist friends made a one-off compilation of people covering my songs, on a USB that’s a hand-carved wooden guitar. It’s just overwhelming and some unbearably great versions of my stuff, my nicer than my singing! I also got a kind package of gifts (including a glorious card like when you leave a job you’ve worked a long time, plus rum and a cuddly bear) from Sarah and the XMR street team / SGFW crowd. Everyone at the Lexington was also very supportive; going above and beyond what they needed to do. Also huge thanks and love to special guests Seán McGowan in Winchester and Roxanne de Bastion the previous night at the Courtyard.

It’s a small thing but I’m especially proud that so many other songs also got aired over the weekend, in Winchester and on the previous night that aren’t on the final setlist: The Shape We’re In, Nintendo, The Decksweep, What If My Heart Never Heals?, Hedgehog SongWaiting At The Window, #WorstGovernmentEver, Halfway Down, Bury Me With A Scarab (full band in Winchester) and The Tin Man (with Jon guesting on cello at the Courtyard) all got played. Not to mention solo versions of band songs.

All in all, a perfect way to finish. But you know, I’ll be around – please don’t be a stranger. XXX


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