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posted on January 6th, 2012

Wishing you a magnificent year ahead; I hope you find 2012 more exciting and more prosperous (in the broader sense of the word) than current news cycles might suggest.

In lieu of any real news yet, here are 10 new T-T-ish things for you to check out, if you want…

I’ve put the gorgeous new ‘Binker’ video up on my Youtube channel HERE (made by Meatbingo, dir: John Panton) and you can still download the Disobedience album HERE.

I’m hosting and performing at MIDWINTER PICNIC 4 in Brighton on Sun 22 Jan. Facebook page HERE. Get tickets via Eventbrite or WeGotTickets and we’ll put physical tickets in Rounder and Resident Records in Brighton, as soon as we can.

Anthony J. Melton’s stunning fast-cut short film Fourteen Weeks Of Flights is on Youtube HERE soundtracked by my piano music. It seems abstract but unfolds into a lush elegy. This is one of the things I’m most proud to be associated with, Melton is a major talent as well as my friend.

In #loo2011 news, I have archived all the 2011 loos to my Facebook pageHERE. I’ll make a new limited edition print this month and #loo2012 will kick off as soon as I find myself in a loo I haven’t used before, probably today.

I sang a cover version of Sebadoh’s ‘Willing To Wait’ in a stairwell in York, for Moon And Back Music HERE. I didn’t rehearse or plan this song, had no idea I could even play it through: I was getting my head around the vibe of the stairwell, which was odd. But in the end I like this version a lot, especially the soundchecking noise in the background.

I wrote my Top 10s of 2011 on my website HERE.

My most recent article for The Morning Star is about USA stand-up comedian Louis C.K. and DIY culture HERE.

Yesterday I made Maggie’s Farm, a Spotify playlist for Mrs Thatcher HERE.

My new year’s resolutions are:
1 Walk up the hill. Get fit, for fuck’s sake.
2 Say ‘yes’. Do stuff. Never say ‘no’ when the alternative is sitting at home.
3 Say ‘no’ if the offer’s shit, even if you want to do it. Better offers come.
4 Try DMT.
5 Finish the book… but only after the Hoodrats & ‘other’ LPs are both done.

MJ Hibbett’s magnificent new sci-fi rock musical Dinosaur Planet features me doing some acting (and singing) in the role of Grandfather. Find out all about it HERE

And that’s it for now. I’m in the studio with Jim Bob in the next few days and hooking up with Hoodrats to figure out a full band record. One last thank you for making 2011 my most fun year making music for over a decade.

Christopher xxx

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