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posted on February 7th, 2014

I’ve started a new art-based Tumblr photo feed called Art In The Open. I enjoyed running the daily feed for the Royal Pavilion & Museums last summer, so while I was touring I wanted to find a way to continue that process of noticing. So this is random pieces of public art and street art that I spot around the place.

Art In The Open

Obviously it’ll be more often updated when I’m on tour, since we cross paths with a lot more of that stuff when we travel. I hope you like it. If you do, please subscribe and share it.


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posted on January 10th, 2013

Feels like the end of an era, or at least completing a weird personal journey: I’m done publishing loo photos. From Jan 1st 2010 to New Year’s Eve just gone, every new loo I went in (for whatever reason) was photographed, catalogued and published to Twitter and I still have no idea why. What started as a fun, daft project, quickly became a compulsion and in year three began to weigh like a burden.

Now, with no need to publish, it’s actually tough to stop myself taking the photos anyway. I admit both new loos I’ve been inside in 2013 are captured in my iphone. Perhaps deleting them will be the final closure on the project.

Anyway, today I finished constructing the final annual A YEAR IN LOO PRINT, collecting my 72 favourites from #loo2012. The prints were a spur of the moment idea that have become disconcertingly popular. Turns out there’s a nuts market out there for pictures of toilets and the first one sold out (an edition of 253) in a month. Then last year’s print would’ve sold out too, except for the whole box I lost (!) and 10 prints ruined when some guy leaned on them on the merch desk, with a camcorder (!!).

So here’s the new one. I have no idea if you still have appetite for toilet photos but this one is all British, slightly more greenish than previous prints and includes the original inspiration for the loo project, Gypo & Jo’s legendary loo on the Isle Of Man. It also features the first human; a cameo appearance from the mighty Jim Bob. You can order it in the SHOP.

Even now I’m not entirely done with loos: I’m currently running this daily Tumblr feed of loos in films and on TV. But obviously that’s not so personal and I feel significantly less invested.


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posted on July 12th, 2012

OK, I honestly have no idea why this happened.

Summer 2012, from June 1 to August 31, I’m finding an image of a giraffe, photographing it and posting it via Instagram to Twitter (and now Facebook). The hashtag is #giraffesummer and quite a lot of other people have joined in, which is ace.

The giraffes won’t ever be prints or sold in any way and I won’t do it again, it’s just for fun and just this once.

In fact I’ve been deleting the images in my phone once they’re posted – because obviously many of them are actually other peoples’ creative work, I’m just snapping them. Anyway, you can find #giraffesummer on Instagram and Twitter. Enjoy.


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  • Into The Blue

    I’ve made a Spotify playlist inspired by Into The Blue at Hove Museum & Gallery.

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  • I’m running another Tumblr feed at the moment, as part of my residency at  The Royal Pavilion & Museums, in Brighton: it has a new photo almost every day, taken in (or responding to) the various museum collections. Worth a follow:

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