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Here’s the playlist for Midnight Campfire episode #88, first broadcast on Juice 107.2 on Wed 25 May 2016. I loved this one; it’s a great mix plus I spun Jess Morgan’s homemade 7″ as an experiment and it worked. Two Dylans for his birthday, three from The National’s Grateful Dead tribute comp (for the Red Hot HIV charity) and the second hour is long songs. Fun show. You can listen online via TotallyRadio and here’s what I played… read more

Brighton’s sprawling Great Escape Festival and Convention kicked off today. Although many industry experts and fans write tip-sheets of favourite artists across the weekend, I haven’t seen a list specifically for folk – not even the broad church we call ‘folk-ish’ on the Midnight Campfire. So here’s my Top 10 Folk(-ish) Artists at The Great Escape 2016, plus some more, plus some picks from The Alternative Escape… read more

Here’s the playlist for Midnight Campfire #87, first broadcast on Juice 107.2 on Wed 18 May 2016. Loved this one; although it’s a simple show – no theme – it felt a ton better than last week. Gill Sandell is still Album of the Month and one of our favourite listeners Andy Waller suggested this week’s Campfire Songbook entry. Listen online at TotallyRadio and here’s what I played… read more

Here’s the playlist for Midnight Campfire #86, first broadcast on Juice 107.2, Wed 11 May 2016. It was a bit boring to be honest. Not the individual music but I picked too many samey things and we’ve had so much excitement in recent weeks, this one’s a tiny bit fallow. Never mind, music’s still lovely. Here’s the TotallyRadio archive and here’s what I played…  read more

Here’s the playlist for Midnight Campfire #85, first broadcast 4th May 2016 on Juice 107.2. I loved this one, the first half has some gorgeous tracks, including Roy Harper’s visionary ‘I Hate The White Man played in full, our new album of the month for May is Gill Sandell’s Songs Of Our Years, then the second hour is all songs about cats, mostly chosen by listeners. This theme got a great response, so thank you! Listen online at Juice and I’ll throw up the TotallyRadio archive link when it’s ready – and here’s what I played… read more

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