Chris T-T’s Midnight Campfire episode #56
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posted on September 16th, 2015

Here’s the playlist for Chris T-T’s Midnight Campfire episode #56, first broadcast Wed 16 Sep 2015. A chaotic show for me – flew more spontaneous than usual and loved it, especially the first hour. The new Louis Barabbas single is a joy and I had a magic moment playing Loudon’s Motel Blues after O’Hooley & Tidow’s ace Elliott Smith cover – only as it was playing I spotted their album also has a Loudon song. Swear I hadn’t noticed til a minute in. Anyway, as usual I’ll throw up the ‘listen online’ link when it’s ready but for now, here’s what I played…

Rab Noakes – Only Happy When It Rains (I’m Walkin’ Here, Neon)
Emily Portman – High Tide (Coracle, Furrow Records)
Jake Morley – Allegorical House (single, Sandwich Emporium)
Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou – Up Mercatoria (Expatriot, Anglophone)
O’Hooley & Tidow – Between The Bars (Summat’s Brewin’, self-release)
Loudon Wainwright III – Motel Blues (Album II, Atlantic)
Jason Isbell – Flagship (Something More Than Free, Southeastern)
Louis Barabbas – You Did This To Me (single, Debt Records)
Betty Soo – Love Is Real (When We’re Gone, self-release)
Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin – Foundling (Watershed, Dragonfly Roots)
Norma Waterson – Bright Shiny Morning (Bright Shiny Morning, Topic)
Danni Nicholls – Beautifully Broken (Mockingbird Lane, self-release)
Gene Autry – You’re The Only Star (Nil Frahm’s 78 Recording)
(Nils Frahm – Late Night Tales, Night Time Stories)
* Copper Family – Good Ale (Come Write Me Down – Early Recordings, Topic)

Mountain Firework Company – Filthy Lucre
(Land Of Hope & Fury compilation, Union Music Store)
Francis Pugh & The Whisky Singers – I Saw The Light (A Place Back West, self-release)
Shooglenifty – The Untied Knot / The Fall / Mile Marbhaisg Air A’ Ghaol
(The Untied Knot, Shoogle Records)
Rab Noakes – It Happened All The Same (I’m Walkin’ Here, Neon)
Bill Ryder Jones – Two To Birkenhead (single, Domino)
Gordie Tentrees – Love In Ink (Less Is More, Buckaroo)
Jimi Charles Moody – Blue Honey (single, self-release)
Matt Bonner – The Bigger Picture (Reflections EP, self-release)
Lewis McHale – Goodbye (Reflections EP, self-release)
Rickie Lee Jones – Chuck E’s In Love (Rickie Lee Jones, Warner Bros)
Silly Sisters – Rosie Anderson (No More To The Dance, Topic)

* this week’s Campfire Songbook entry, suggested by Alex in Wolverhampton, thank you Alex.


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