Chris T-T’s Midnight Campfire episode #61
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posted on October 21st, 2015

Here’s the playlist for Midnight Campfire episode #61 first broadcast Wed 21 Oct 2015, on Juice 107.2. I was recovering from illness doing this show and it passed by in a blur; I barely know what was going on, to be honest, though I know the music mix was lovely. Listen online here and here’s what I played…

Eden Ahbez – Full Moon (Eden’s Island, Del-Fi Records / Rhino)
Fay Hield – Green Gravel (Old Adam, Topic)
Tom Robinson – The Mighty Sword Of Justice (Only The Now, Castaway)
Bella Hardy – Lullaby For A Grieving Man (With The Dawn, Noe)
Legends Of Country – Forty In The Spring (Talk About Country, self-release)
Ellie Ford – July (single, Hidden Trail Records)
Darren Hayman – Nuns Run The Apothecary (Florence, Fika Recordings)
Linda Ronstadt – You’re No Good (Heart Like A Wheel, Capitol)
** Blackbeard’s Tea Party – Loose Shoulder (Reprobates, self-release)
Eaves – Spin (What Green Feels Like, Heavenly)
Hilary James – They All Laughed (You Don’t Know, self-release)
Janis Ian – Water Colors (Between The Lines, Sony)
* Damien O’Kane – Blacksmith (Areas Of High Traffic, Pure)

*** Nina Gordon – Straight Outa Compton (self-release)
Beat Happening – Indian Summer (Look Around, Domino)
Owl & Mouse – Octopi (Departures, Fika Recordings)
Anna Mitchell – Let’s Run Away (Down To The Bone, Independent)
The Gloaming – The Old Bush (The Gloaming, Real World Productions)
Robert Lane – Tear Drop Tattoo (single, self-release)
Corinne Bailey Rae – The Sea (The Sea, Virgin)
Chantal Acda – Still We Guess (The Sparkle In Our Flaws, Glitterhouse)
Laura Veirs – Spelunking (Year Of Meteors, Nonesuch)
Marmaduke Dando – If This Is Civilisation (Heathcliffian Surly, Outsider)
Chris Wood – Asparagus (Handmade Life, Ruf Records)
In Gowan Ring – Field Of Dream (The Serpent And The Dove, Les Disques du 7eme Ciel)
Jon Boden – The Pilgrim’s Way (Songs From The Floodplain, Navigator)

*** TotallyRadio version of the show only – was not broadcast on the Juice show because (obviously) it’s too sweary.

** October’s album of the month * this week’s entry to the Campfire Songbook


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