Chris T-T’s Midnight Campfire episode #71
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posted on January 25th, 2016

That most excellent Stef Pause has fixed my website so I can update it here – so here’s the playlist for Midnight Campfire #71, taped at Natura Riverside guesthouse, Huay Sai, northern Thailand. The second hour is a ‘best of 2015’ selection. Listen here via TotallyRadio and here’s what I played…

Ruth Keggin – The Road To Clady (Sheear, self-release)
Richard Thompson – One Door Opens (The Old Kit Bag, Cooking Vinyl)
Ben Marwood – An Escape From Yeehaw Junction (Back Down, Xtra Mile)
Carly Dow – Not A Songbird (Ingrained, self-release)
Ian Campbell – Poor Old Horse (Sea Shanties compilation, Vantage Music)
Ewan McLennan – Lampedusa (single, Fellside)
Kelly Oliver – Bedlam (Bedlam, Folkstock Records)
Bob Dylan – Not Dark Yet (Time Out Of Mind, Columbia)
Huay Sai paddy fields at night, field recording
Kara J. Richards – Refugee Lullaby (single, self-release)
Robert Forster – Let Me Imagine You (Songs To Play, Tapete Records)
Janis Ian – Stars (Stars, Columbia)
Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker – Silverline (Nothing Can Bring Back The Hour, Folkroom)
Kariina Gretere – Must Keep The Cold In (Amber And Fly, self-release)

Jess Morgan – Time Machine (Bournemouth EP, self-release)
Gilmore & Roberts – Selfish Man (Conflict Tourism, GR! Records)
Esme Patterson – What Do You Call A Woman? (Woman To Woman, Xtra Mile)
Kyle D. Evans – The Thousand Year Old Man
(Songs Written In Head While Cycling EP, self-release)
Plastic Jeezus – Kenneth (Kenneth EP, self-release)
Mike Gale – Another Planet (Another Planet, Battle Worldwide)
David John Sheppard – Vortex On A String (Vertical Land, Village Green)
Thirty Pounds Of Bone – Two Birds In The Brine (The Taxidermist, Armellodie)
Tom Williams – Oh Boy (New Guitar, self-release)
Louis Barabbas – You Did This To Me (single, self-release)
Ibeyi – Mama Says (Ibeyi, XL Recordings)
Stick In The Wheel – Common Ground (From Here, self-release)
Grasscut – Red Kite (Everyone Was A Bird, Lo Recordings)


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