Chris T-T’s Midnight Campfire episode #94
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posted on July 28th, 2016

Here’s what I played on Midnight Campfire episode #94, first broadcast Wed 27 July 2016 on Juice 107.2 and now online at Was a fun show, lots of new songs, the last go for July’s album of the month, Annie Keating’s Trick Star and The Horses Of The Gods’ disconcerting take on John Barleycorn was suggested by Vinay Gupta for the Campfire Songbook, so in it goes. The second hour is a themed playlist of songs about workhouses, inspired by my residency this summer at the National Trust’s Workhouse at Southwell. Here’s the full track listing…

Water Pageant – Cavalry (Outlines, self-release)
Louis Barabbas – A Good Day To Bury Bad News (Project Fear EP, Debt Records)
Kris Drever – Shipwrecked (If Wishes Were Horses, Reveal)
Jacob & Drinkwater – Our Wilderness Years (Live At Hope Hall, self-release)
India McKellar – The Harbour (Sable EP, self-release)
Co-Pilgrim – Save The Queen’s Blazer (Paisley Overground, At The Helm)
King Creosote – Wake Up To This (single, Domino)
Beyoncé – Daddy Lessons (Lemonade, Parlophone)
Alasdair Roberts & James Green – Peacock Strut (Plaint Of Lapwing, Clay Pipe Music)
Ric Neale – Things I Could’ve Said (Pencil EP, self-release)
Iona Fyfe Band – Pride Of Aberdeen (East, self-release)
Sugar Coat – Me Instead (single, self-release)
* Annie Keating – Trapeze (Trick Star, self-release)
** The Horses Of The Gods –  John Barleycorn
(John Barleycorn Reborn compilation, Cold Spring)

Themed hour: songs about the workhouse

Lead Belly – Thirty Days In The Workhouse (Library Of Congress Vol 1 1934-1935, Document)
Jennifer Reid – The New Poor Law (Gradely Manchester, self-release)
Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker – A Pauper & A Poet (Fire & Fortune, Navigator)
Kurt Weill, Bertolt Brecht & Various – How To Survive
(The Threepenny Opera 1954 Original Broadway Cast, Universal Classics)
Rachel Portman – The Road To The Workhouse
(Oliver Twist Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Sony/BMG)
Jess Morgan – Workhouse (Aye Me, self-release)
John SaFranko – Workhouse (The Bleak & Barren Landscape, self-release)
John Cullimore – The Shadow Of The Workhouse (feat. John Flew)
(Filled With Gods, self-release)
Carter USM – A Prince In A Pauper’s Grave (30Something, Chrysalis/Warner Music)
Louis Armstrong – Mack The Knife (Louis Armstrong In Musical & Film, Jube Pops)
Hambone Willie Newbern – Shelby County Workhouse Blues
(Roll And Tumble Blues, Suncoast Music)
The Pauper’s Path Company – This Is The Workhouse / You Can’t Have That
(The Pauper’s Path To Hope, WildGoose)
Maggie Boyle – Who? (The Pauper’s Path To Hope, WildGoose)
The Burns Sisters – Workhouse (Looking Back: Our Irish American Souls, self-release)
Ague – From Workhouse To Grave (From Workhouse To Grave, self-release)

* July’s Album of the Month
** this week’s Campfire Songbook entry, recommended by Vinay Gupta, thanks a lot Vinay! Dark shiz.

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