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posted on November 30th, 2015

From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much, if you came to the Red Songs show. You were lovelier than I could’ve ever hoped for.

If you need the link for 26 Feb ticket discount, you should’ve had an email including it. Or your ticket buyer got it; so get them to share it with you. The discount stays open til Wednesday (2 Dec). Please don’t share it beyond that; it’s only meant for people who were at the show.

The audio recording has come out very nicely, thanks to MJ Hibbett, so you’ll get your download link as soon as I’ve compiled and mastered it, as well as sorting out something for artwork. Hopefully this week. Again, our connection to you is the ticket buyer’s email, so if you have any problems getting your download link, please email me for a copy:

So there we go, what a strange, fun adventure this songwriting thing is. And if you want to hear 9 Red Songs all the way through again, I reckon check my gig listings in 2025.

Loads of love. See you soon. xxx

  1. Olivia Hurworth
    11:16 pm on 12/2/15

    Chris you were amazing. Thank you for the amazing performance – as I said in my tweet, it was my first time hearing your music and I loved it. You will be seeing me at the Feb gig and I am now a proud owner of all albums you’ve released (as a Christmas present – so not quite yet lol). Anyways, thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you soon. xx

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