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posted on June 27th, 2014

Hello dear, I hope you’re well. And WELCOME if you’re new and signed up during my European tour, or last week’s trio of London shows, it’s been a fantastic few weeks. So here’s our summer festival list, plus the new EP, my new LO FI ARTS business and other bits…

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From Art
posted on June 17th, 2014


I’ve added a new Tumblr feed called Bingo Memes, as a home for any stupid jokes (mostly political, mostly rude) that I throw onto the interwebz. A couple of them have already really taken off, especially this pic comparing Maria Miller to Caroline Lucas which went extremely viral (100k shares in 12 hours) a few weeks ago, just before I went on tour.

I guess it’s mainly an exercise to learn how to make them as good as possible, ahead of next year’s UK General Election.

Anyway here it is. I hope you enjoy
Bingo Memes

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