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Here’s what I played on Midnight Campfire episode #94, first broadcast Wed 27 July 2016 on Juice 107.2 and now online at Was a fun show, lots of new songs, the last go for July’s album of the month, Annie Keating’s Trick Star and The Horses Of The Gods’ disconcerting take on John Barleycorn was suggested by Vinay Gupta for the Campfire Songbook, so in it goes. The second hour is a themed playlist of songs about workhouses, inspired by my residency this summer at the National Trust’s Workhouse at Southwell. Here’s the full track listing… read more

Here’s the track listing for episode #93 of Midnight Campfire, first broadcast Wed 13 July 2016 on Juice 107.2. Annie Keating’s Trick Star is July’s Album of the Month and The Coppers sing this week’s Campfire Songbook entry. Listen online to the episode – and I’ll put up the TotallyRadio archive link as soon as it’s ready. Here’s what I played… read more

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