Chris T-T’s Midnight Campfire episode #106
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posted on October 30th, 2016

Here’s the playlist for Midnight Campfire episode #106, an ‘on tour’ episode (put together in cheap hotel rooms around Britain), first broadcast Wed 26 Oct on Brighton’s Juice 107.2. Two tracks from George Monbiot’s collaboration with Ewan MacLennan, two from Dark Mountain’s Uncivilised Poetics CD (accompanying their latest book compendium) and it’s the final outing for October’s Album Of The Month, The Furrow Collective’s Wild Hog. Listen online via TotallyRadio and here’s what I played:

Leonard Cohen – Leaving The Table (You Want It Darker, Sony)
Kate Rusby – Life In A Paper Boat (Life In A Paper Boat, Pure Records)
Merry Hell – Come On, England! (Bloodline, self-release)
Conor Oberst – Counting Sheep (Ruminations, Nonesuch)
Luke Jackson – Finding Home (Tall Tales & Rumours, First Take Records)
Jess Morgan – Don’t Meet Your Heroes (Edison Gloriette, Drabant)
Silly Sisters – Blood And Gold / Mohacs (No More To The Dance, Topic)
Ewan Maclennan & George Monbiot – Reclaim The Street (Breaking The Spell Of Loneliness, Fellside)
Rachel McCrum & Jonathan Lamy – The First Blast To Awaken Women Degenerate
(Uncivilised Poetics, Dark Mountain)
Adrian Crowley & Gill Sandell – The Angel Returns (live at Daylight Music, Union Chapel)
(live video, Daylight Music)
* The Furrow Collective – Beneath The Window Of My Cell (Wild Hog, Hudson Records)
** Ewan Maclennan & George Monbiot – We Shall Overcome
(Breaking The Spell Of Loneliness, Fellside)
Bic Runga – Close Your Eyes (single, Wild Combinations)
Mick Flannery – How High (I Own You, Universal Ireland)
Ewan Macpherson – The Cherry Tree Reel / Dog’s Got An Itchy Nose (Fetch!, Shoogle)
Bob Dylan – Isis (Desire, Sony)
Josh Mac – Brother (Live at Basement 58 Studio) (single, self-release)
Tim Easton – Killing Time (American Fork, At The Helm)
Waterson Carthy – May Morning (A Dark Light, Topic)
B-Sydes – Marionettes (Constant Fictions, Aaahh Real Records)
Howe Gelb – Impossible Thing (Howe Gelb’s Future Standards, Fire Records)
Faustus – Slaves (Death And Other Animals, Westpark)
Robin Robertson & Alasdair Roberts – Leaving St Kilda (feat. Corinna Hewat)
(Uncivilised Poetics, Dark Mountain)

* Album Of The Month
** this week’s Campfire Songbook entry

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