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posted on November 4th, 2016

Hello, I hope you’re golden. I want to say 1000 thanks and send you a big virtual hug if you came out to hear me sing on the Love Me, I’m A Liberal UK Tour.

These shows have been absolutely lovely; a bracing autumnal blast around the UK and I enjoyed it even more than expected tbh. Actually getting out there and meeting folks leaves me heartened that despite the headlines, Britain is still fundamentally decent, kind, creative people who are thinking honestly about stuff and figuring ways to do the right shiz. (“We can still win,” as some nob sang.)

I do think some 9 Green Songs darker, more despairing material started to drag at me as the tour wore on and the weather got chillier. I think I’ll be dropping (especially the darkest) songs for now and moving on. Not the fun singalong ones though, because they’re ace! Got a specific announcement about ‘Love Me, I’m A Liberal’ (the song) some time next week, so watch this space.

Much love to Baz Non Canon for helping with booking and for accompanying me for a chunk of it. Non Canon’s debut album is out now on Xtra Mile, it’s flipping great and I played some piano on it.

In three weeks I’m back out with Jim Bob (Carter USM) – his first solo run for almost five years. I’m doing support and playing piano. Most of the gigs are already sold out but here are the dates you can still get into:
Fri 25 Nov MIDDLESBROUGH (30-ish tickets left)
Wed 30 Nov LEICESTER (30-ish tickets left)
Thur 1 Dec DARWEN
Sat 3 Dec BIRMINGHAM (moved again to a bigger room, 20 tickets)

After that I have a few (tbc) Christmas party shows but my Live At Thornsett Road concerts (in south-east London) are already full up, sorry about that – bookings went faster than we expected.

And now I’m home – before anything else – I must finish taping the ballads I composed over summer, in residence at the National Trust Workhouse at Southwell. Watch out for a FREE / ‘pay what you want’ album of those songs, courtesy CommonAs and the National Trust, as early in 2017 as possible – there’ll be a CD and download release and it will be made available as widely as possible.

Oh yeah and next week (Wed 9th Nov) on my Midnight Campfire radio show I’ll run a themed hour of music by all the artists I gigged with (and some I just met) on the road. Music is sick.




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