Chris T-T’s Midnight Campfire episode #81
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posted on April 6th, 2016

Here’s what I played on Midnight Campfire episode #81, first broadcast Wed 6 April 2016 on Juice 107.2. I enjoyed this one a lot, it goes a bit crazy early in the second half trigger by the the nine minute Kiran Leonard freakout but settles down by the end. April’s new Album Of The Month is Nordic Fiddler’s Bloc – Deliverance. Listen to the show via TotallyRadio and here’s the playlist…

Dallahan – Logan (Matter Of Time, self-release)
James Edge & The Mindstep – Jacob (On A Red Horse EP, Folkstock)
The Extra Lens – Cruiserweights (Undercard, Merge)
Claire Hastings – The Bothy Lads (Between River And Railway, self-release)
Harry Harris – No Ball Games (Songs About Other People, Wildsound)
The Paul McKenna Band – Song Of Choice (Paths That Wind, self-release)
Daria Kulesh – The Moon And The Pilot (single, Folkstock)
Michael Kiwanuka – Black Man In A White World (single, Polydor)
Saul Williams – The Noise Came From Here (single, Fader)
Joana Serat – Tug Of War (Cross The Verge, Loose Music)
The Self Help Group – Luigi’s Waltz (single, Union Music Store)
Mara Simpson – Keep Holding On (single, self-release)
* Nordic Fiddlers Bloc – Deliverance (Deliverance, self-release)

Furrow Collective – Wild Hog In The Woods (single, Furrow Records)
Kiran Leonard – Don’t Make Friends With Good People
(Grapefruit, Moshi Moshi)
Damien O’Kane – The Green Fields Of America
(Areas Of High Traffic, Pure Records)
Eliza Shaddad – Wars (Run EP, Beatnik Creative)
Sheelanagig – Objectophilia (Beardtown, self-release)
Ducking Punches – Drinking Outside Of Funerals
(Fizzy Brain, Xtra Mile Recordings)
Julia Holter – Sea Calls Me Home (single, Domino)
Pog – Class War (Between The Station And The Sea, self-release)
Chuck SJ Hay – Warzone (Mood Swings, self-release)
Roy Bailey – The Hard Times Of Old England (Band Of Hope, Musicfolk)
Little Green Cars – You vs. Me (Ephemera, Glassnote)
Kathryn Joseph – The Blood
(Bones You Have Thrown Me And Blood I’ve Spilled, Hits The Fan)

* April’s new Album Of The Month, Nordic Fiddlers Bloc – Deliverance



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