Happy new year! Resolutions & ‘best of’ amends
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posted on January 2nd, 2016

Happy new year.

With a lot of people reflecting on how tough 2015 was, I’ve read too many (beautifully written) pieces and blog entries to join in (and I had a positive year, overall), so I just hope with all my heart that 2016 will be a great adventure for you…

And that we’ll stand stronger and fight harder against the unnecessary demolishing of safety nets in our country.

Here are my resolutions:

1) Do more, write more, talk less.
2) Make zines or chapbooks (inspired by Sarah & Sophie of Gut Feelings) – at least four.
3) Write something long.
4) Make a more tangible/active contribution to the refugee crisis.
5) Sort out the damn attic.
6) Get my podcast going regularly.
7) Pitch to soundtrack a film or theatre show.
8) Write a musical (inspired by Hamilton).
9) Go back to North America and Europe.

My 10th LP (9 Green Songs – a solo album, though the Hoodrats all contribute) is almost done; just some singing and guest bits to finish, plus mixing. It really found a shape in the past three weeks – and we were recording (backing vocals and Gill’s accordion) on New Year’s Eve, so I’m buzzing about it right now. A dangerous moment though – when you fall for your own schtick, start hoping it’ll do super-well, despite right through the process promising you won’t (and it won’t).

That it exists should be enough.

Finally I updated my ‘favourites of 2015’ list (blog entry below), to add stuff I hadn’t yet seen, or forgot. I added: Star Wars which was ace, gets an honourable mention; Charlie Brooker’s 2015 Wipe (the best for a while) broke into my TV top 10; my gig at Warwick Wild Boar just before Christmas was big fun; plus accompanying Rufus Hound on Resist The Tide at Robin & Josie’s Shambles; I’d forgotten two non-music live events – the terrific Radio Future Sounds conference and J.B. Morrison’s book launch for Frank Derrick’s Holiday Of A Lifetime in Crystal Palace; and finally Holly McNeish reading her phenomenal poetry also broke into my top 10 non-gig live events.





  1. rob
    1:42 pm on 1/2/16

    Hi Chris

    Sounds brilliant resolutions and so excited about your new album along with you writing something long! Two questions :

    1. Will the amazing poem you read at the Red Hedgehog gig be published in any form or be on your lp?

    2. Will there be ‘The Attic Song’ on next lp? I am scared of ever going up in mine due to my lack of coordination and weakness for heights.

    Happy New Year!


    P.s was your mention of the gig at the Warwick Wild Boar just after Screen Wipe deliberate or unintentional brilliant satire?!

  2. 2:09 pm on 1/2/16

    Nice one Rob, thank you very much, happy new year to you too. 1. yes, it’s called ‘Cutting A Longbow’ and it’s definitely on the album virtually unchanged. 2. I hadn’t thought of an attic song but by the time I’m done, I’ll probably need one. Mine’s not height-scary but just full of junk.

    I wish the Wild Boar / Screen Wipe link was deliberate but it wasn’t. Very good call. 🙂

  3. rob
    3:51 pm on 1/2/16

    Thanks Chris😊. Cutting a Longbow blew my mind when I heard it. You are an incredible wordsmith indeed with massive political bite and passion seared through your art.

    Forgot to mention the soundtrack and musical sound incredible too! Soundtrack to a Ken Loach film and you,Stewart Lee and Charlie Brooker working together on a musical would be mindblowing! Ha ha

    Good luck with clearing that attic and see you at refugee demos in the year no doubt.

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