Here’s the playlist for episode #49, first broadcast Wed 29 July, 2015. The Campfire Songbook entry was Willie Nelson. Listen to the full show online HERE and here’s what I played… read more

The more I think about it, the more optimistic I feel about Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership campaign. I sincerely think Mr Corbyn has a shot at not just winning the leadership but actually becoming Prime Minister in five years – yes really – for two big, specific reasons that nobody seems to be discussing… read more

Here’s the tracklisting for Midnight Campfire #48, first broadcast on Juice 107.2 on Wed 22 July, 2015. The second hour is themed on flags and this week’s Campfire Songbook entry is Carole King. It’s a really fun show, though I was less planned than usual. Here’s the AUDIO and here’s what I played… read more

From Words
posted on July 16th, 2015

I failed to write anything useful during the election campaign. Then I failed to write anything useful afterwards. 44,000 words wasted, just so. Turns out, here’s the meagre bite I have to write about it… read more

Here’s Midnight Campfire episode #47, one of my favourite shows for a while. The second hour is themed on hunting, to coincide with the government bottling out (for now) of revisiting the hunting bill. The playlist isn’t partisan though, because the folk canon is full of great songs that eulogise hunting, as well as some great anti-hunt songs. It gets very trad towards the end. I also profile Union Music Store’s new compilation of protest songs Land Of Hope And Fury, plus Townes Van Zandt sings this week’s Campfire Songbook entry. As usual I’ll stick an audio link here soon as I can – and here’s what I played… read more

Here’s the playlist for Chris T-T’s Midnight Campfire episode #46, first broadcast Wed 8 July on Brighton’s Juice 107.2. I loved this one. It’s quite a ‘demanding’ show from a music point of view (and ran a bit short for some reason) but I had a load of fun. First ever censoring as well, of the Warren Zevon – though it’ll be in full on the TotallyRadio archive. There are two songs from the Shirley Inspired tribute album to Shirley Collins (including Stewart Lee singing beautifully!) and the Campfire Songbook entry was provided by Elkie Brooks. Here’s the online audio and here are the tracks… read more

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