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posted on April 30th, 2016

Hello gang, I hope you’re feeling sexy. Thank you SO much for supporting my shiz and especially getting excited with me for 9 GREEN SONGS. I’ve not felt this hyped for a record in a long time and it’s not out ’til June. If you haven’t yet seen ‘Worst Government Ever’, it’s on YouTube and Facebook. read more

Here’s the track listing for Midnight Campfire #84, first broadcast Wed 27 April on Juice 107.2. It has an hour themed on the EU, plus a couple of folkie Prince covers and Ewan MacColl sings this week’s Campfire Songbook entry. I enjoyed making this one but listening back, it seems a bit dry (or I’m not in the mood right now). Anyway, I’ll throw up the TotallyRadio link as soon as it’s ready – and here’s what I played: read more

I had a messy but very enjoyable show this week. Here’s the playlist for Midnight Campfire #83, first broadcast Wed 20 April 2016 on Brighton’s Juice 107.2. Album of the month is The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc and Springsteen’s ‘Thunder Road’ goes into the Campfire Songbook. Listen online at TotallyRadio and here’s what I played – read more

I’m very pleased to tell you about a major arts and social history project I’m involved in this year.

I am the inaugural Creative Fellow at stunning National Trust property The Workhouse, Southwell, which you may have seen recently on telly; featured in Ian Hislop’s fascinating BBC film Workers or Shirkers? about Victorian poverty (as I write, still on the BBC iPlayer). So, what on earth am I doing here? read more

Here’s what I played on Midnight Campfire episode #82, first broadcast Wed 13 April 2016 on Juice 107.2. It’s a quietly chaotic episode; I rambled on much more than usual but I liked it. You can listen online and here’s the playlist: read more

From News, Words
posted on April 6th, 2016

I’m bona fide excited to tell you that my new solo album 9 Green Songs will be released 3rd June 2016 on Xtra Mile Recordings – and you can pre-order it now from Xtra Mile, iTunes or Amazon (on download / CD digi-pack with full lyric booklet). read more

Here’s what I played on Midnight Campfire episode #81, first broadcast Wed 6 April 2016 on Juice 107.2. I enjoyed this one a lot, it goes a bit crazy early in the second half trigger by the the nine minute Kiran Leonard freakout but settles down by the end. April’s new Album Of The Month is Nordic Fiddler’s Bloc – Deliverance. Listen to the show via TotallyRadio and here’s the playlist… read more

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