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posted on January 28th, 2016

On my short cycle ride into work, on a rickety fixed gear banana-bike built for schoolkids, each morning I pass by a fisherman. read more

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posted on January 25th, 2016

I’m pretty drunk right now in this Chiang Mai nightclub called Tarandang Mahabon and I have to tell you about the live music set-up here, it has freaked me out… read more

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posted on January 25th, 2016

That most excellent Stef Pause has fixed my website so I can update it here – so here’s the playlist for Midnight Campfire #71, taped at Natura Riverside guesthouse, Huay Sai, northern Thailand. The second hour is a ‘best of 2015’ selection. Listen here via TotallyRadio and here’s what I played… read more

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posted on January 13th, 2016

Here’s the playlist for Chris T-T’s Midnight Campfire episode #70, first broadcast Wed 13 Jan 2016. January’s new ‘Album Of The Month’ is The Long Way Home by Show Of Hands. I’ll put up the audio link as soon as I can but for now, here’s what I played… read more

Happy new year.

With a lot of people reflecting on how tough 2015 was, I’ve read too many (beautifully written) pieces and blog entries to join in (and I had a positive year, overall), so I just hope with all my heart that 2016 will be a great adventure for you… read more

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posted on December 18th, 2015

Yay, it’s that time again. Here are all my favourite things of the year. Some sections were published a few days ago as part of Team Jim Bob’s annual review – and I’ve expanded those here, so there’s a lot to dig into… read more

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